"I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams." ~ Vincent Van Gogh

How to buy art online?

This article covers details of how to buy art online, including the advantages when buying directly from the artist. As with so many other areas of life, the internet has resulted in significant changes in how art can be bought.
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Abstract Art Of Houses - Happy Houses

The world of abstract art allows you to take a sneak peek into something that you may have never seen before. Art, as a creation needs to stimulate the senses and move the viewer to a higher state of awareness. If this can be achieved, the artist has done his job.
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Abstract photography

Abstract photography is a fascinating area of artistic creation in today's world. Like many areas of abstract art, it can be seen in some ways as a contradictory term, as photography is necessarily a capturing of an image of the objective world, and abstraction can be defined as non-objective imagery. As with many seeming contradictions in abstract art, the resulting artworks from combining the concepts of photography and abstraction are fascinating and popular.
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Colorful original abstract art rich in texture. Vibrant abstract art, contemporary paintings for sale directly from the artist.
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