“A poor original is better than a good imitation.” ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox


Abstract Art Of Houses - Happy Houses

An abstract painting can have one subject or many. An artist can choose to focus on one area of expertise where he can view and feel an object and project those feelings to others, or he can work within many areas.

The bonding effect

Abstract art has many forms and ways to express itself, and this creates a bond between the artist and art lover. There has to be a connection created between the two, and this bonding is made through the painting itself.

When you see abstract art for sale it needs to move you. You need to feel an inner connection between you and the artist. Once this is felt you know that you have discovered the right painting. You know that this one belongs to you and has been painted especially for you by the artist himself.

Abstract art of houses

During the ages there has always been an awe and deep respect for architecture. Fine lines and gracious curves speak to each viewer with a voice of their own. Modern abstract art brings out this voice and makes it sing. It attracts a host of art appreciation lovers that value both old and modern architecture and know that a building is more than a simple structure that has been pieced together through sweat and hard labor. It is a song that sings a melody in the form of contemporary art.

A house is a house is a house. It is also a lot more. It can become a home that is full of rich memories and a place that is felt. How much time does the average person spend in their home? How many songs have been written about "going home?" A house has its own feel to every homeowner and when such a feeling can be placed into paintings of houses it becomes a masterpiece.

Abstract art of homes is a special field of art that can only be created by an artist that can find the inner beauty of a structure and turn it into something that comes alive. Some artists find their strength to be the creation of abstract paintings using people, animals or other solid objects. There are only a few that can translate a piece of architecture into a higher form.

I have been creating "Happy Houses" that come alive. They are happy, they can talk to you and they can become your friends. Visit my online gallery for abstract art of houses that can sing to you.

Colorful original abstract art rich in texture. Vibrant abstract art, contemporary paintings for sale directly from the artist.
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