Re: Sunshine warms the soul
Nebojsa, your use of these three dominant colors in your work is quite captivating. I love how you surround and isolate your subject and the cool pale blue for the skin wrapped in outragious red could weave quite a story. I have become a big fan of your work and am glad you share these with us all. :clap:
Re: Sunshine warms the soul
Great use of color and texture. I like the yellow driping at the bottom. It feels weathered and ancient to me, yet there is a vibrancy that pulls me in.
I had to get on my sunglasses and put on my hat to cover my head so I wouldn't get blinded or sunburned by this one! Really vibrant and pulsing on the canvas. Here's a winner. Great texture, looks like an ancient artifact. Nicely done.
Re: White sails
Nebojsa this is very interesting painting. I love the blue and the textures you are using. I almost get the idea I am looking through an old spyglass over the water to that ship way off in the distance.
Re: Red harmony
I like the tone of the color red and the house it balances the entire painting. Good job!
The color red never looked so good.
Re: Sweet Cassis
Hi I love your work it is a picture that really makes you smile i love the shape of the buildings and texture.
Re: Canola fields
I categorize this as "highest level" artistical performance. Your style is outstanding.
Re: Distant songs
This made me smile! I love the texture.
Beautifully done! Nice texture and amazing colors. Truly magnificent.
Absolutely unique work. Strong style, very professional.
Re: Another day gone
Nicely done! I love the colors and the nice strong lines. I love how these don't line up perfectly, adds lots of character to the piece. Excellent work!
Re: Distant songs
Excellent artwork Nebojsa!
Re: On the hill
The color and texture here are really wonderful! Great work!
What a lovely style. It's my pic of the day!

It's a pleasure to see your colorful paintings. Love your style.
Re: Home again
Incredibly beautiful, unique, outstanding. Your style is well developped. My picture of the day.

Beautiful paintings...I like your style very much!
Re: Distant songs
Absolutely unique work. Strong style, very professional.

Colorful original abstract art rich in texture. Vibrant abstract art, contemporary paintings for sale directly from the artist.
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